Il Borgo Italian Restaurant
500 Fell Street @ Laguna
San Francisco CA 94102
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Il Borgo - Main Menu


Bruschetta * 8.00
Oven toasted bread topped with garlic, olive oil, tomatoes & fresh basil

Carpaccio 10.00
Thin slices of raw beef with grated parmigiano cheese & seasoning

Antipasto Misto 13.00
Prosciutto, olives, mozzarella, artichoke hearts & roasted garlic


Insalata del Borgo * 8.00
Radicchio, gorgonzola & pine nuts with house dressing & fresh herbs

Casareccia * 6.00
Fresh cut Romaine lettuce with house dressing & fresh herbs

Mista * 7.00
Artisan greens with Italian house dressing & fresh herbs

Caprese * 9.00
Fresh mozzarella, kumato tomatoes, basil, & extra virgin olive oil


Margherita * 12.00
Mozzarella, tomatoes & fresh basil

Al Gorgonzola * 12.00
Tomatoes, mozzarella & gorgonzola cheese

Napoletana 13.00
Mozzarella, tomatoes & anchovies

Funghi E Salsice 14.00
Mushrooms, mozzarella, tomatoes & sausage

Quattro Stagioni 15.00
Mushrooms, mozzarella, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, black olives & prosciutto

per favore ask your server for gluten-free options

Spaghetti Pomodoro Fresco * 12.00
Fresh tomato sauce & basil

Penne Al’ Arrabbiata * 12.00
Penne pasta with spicy tomato sauce

Penne Alla Puttanesca 13.00
Tomatoes, anchovies, olives & capers

Fettuccine Bolognese * 12.00
House-made Fettuccine with fresh Bolognese sauce

Fettuccine Primavera 15.00
House-made Fettuccine with green peas, prosciutto, in a light cream sauce

Spaghetti Al Salmon 15.00
Fresh salmon in a tomato sauce


Pollo E Vegetali Alla Griglia 17.00
Grilled chicken breast served with grilled endive, balsamic vinegar & shallots

Pollo Pizzaiola 17.00
Breast of chicken with tomato, olives & caper sauce

Saltimbocca 17.00
Veal sauteed in marsala wine, sage, topped with prosciutto & mozzarella

* Vegetarian Option

Buon Appetito

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Home l Chef Specials l Wine List l Chef Profile l Reservations l Hours / Map

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